Are dog owners irresponsible? #tangygiggles


Like men stood rigid in discos, women scrutinize and laugh behind their demure front.  Maybe its a chortle or maybe a rib rocker, but without laughter we’d all be at everyone’s throats.

I want to share a giggle with you.women-scrutinixing-giggle

On Sunday morning, I was walking along Sandbanks windy, white beach.  The sun was out and it was cold.  Only dog walkers and church avoidee’s hid underneath hats and scarves.  I had an impulsive idea and needed to type it into my phone.  Stopping for a second, another idea hit, then an unsupervised dog started circling me.  Normally when I look at dogs they will poo.  When it continued to circle my hackles were up and as it cocked its leg I shouted to its owner

‘I am not a tree.’

She fired an acid filled glare at me.  So I crouched down into my favourite pouncing pose and snarled

‘Woof woof woof.’ at her.  Are you the Mona Lisa?  I nearly asked.

Don’t you just hate irresponsible dog owners?

What’s your opinion?


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