Men Cry -Boy’s don’t! #tangygiggles



Having a nervous breakdown is a gift.

It takes you to a place where the only way, is up.

Total surrender to the reason you are so troubled is not a sign of failure.  Tears become  raindrops that will wash away the pain. Thank the universe for bringing you to this point then ask it for a new chapter to begin.This may sounds ludicrous when all you can do is cry but Men Cry and Boy’s Don’t. Everyone is fighting a battle that no one around them knows.  It’s common reasoning. our   tears become raindrops that clear away the pain filled pages they form new sentences and begin to clear the way for our new futures to begin.

Men cry – Boy’s don’t.

Allowing yourself  time to cry requires boldness and stamina to stick with the pain, eventually it will be washed away.

We are all fickle, but to be dedicated to a relationship, team-work has to be done.  Team-work with yourself is the most important; body, mind and soul.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to teach us that nobody wants a disfunctional partner?

Am I in a relationship?

At the moment the answer is no. At this  in time I am too wounded to put a brave face on.  I am not wallowing in self-pity but I am isolating and allowing myself the time to re-mould and become a stronger person.  I have faith in the bigger picture for I know my story hasn’t ended and I am getting ready to meet him and he is getting ready to meet me.  I won’t settle for the old type of second-best , I want the best or nothing.

I want someone who has invested in himself.  Someone who has worked on his self-esteem and is looking for someone to grow with, rather than rot with or control.

I have always joked and said that every 28 days both men and women – go through a hormonal cycle. I don’t believe there are two people on this planet that connect on everything but what I do know is you would be mad to surrender 100% of who you are to another because all relationships end.  Even the ones we have with ourself.

So, if no two people have the same sanity, how will we ever get on?  The answer to that is, we are all mad we just need to find someone with a similar kind of madness.

No one has got it together.  Everyone has inner battles that no one could even guess at, so listening instead of judging would turn this world into a compost for the better good.

I am a satirical author and have written three novels which I am now releasing into the big wide world. Slut Detox is my first and it is free on this blog page.  Slap Dash Queen is coming soon, then Office Gossip.  I am now in the process of writing – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.  These are all powerful novels with an edge of Self Development lessons, running through their veins.

Check out my website for details. I would love to have some feedback, please leave a like or a comment.

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Office Gossip is coming in summer 2017.


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