Kissing Strangers. #johnlennon #miracle #tangygiggles


I remember the day John Lennon died. I was in hospital fighting for my life, except I wasn’t fighting, the nurses were.

‘Fill your cupboard with clothes Anne..not Vodka!’ They’d say.

What else was an 18 year old supposed to do for four months? I was 5 and a half stone and needed to put on weight. When I left they told me that if I’d come in a week later I would have come in, inside a coffin.

When I moved to Bournemouth thirty years ago and tried to walk up a zig zag path, it took me about half an hour. My lung capacity was peanut sized. However, six years ago a lady came over to me by surprise and said can I pray for your lungs. There was no prompt. I said – ok. even though I was really mystified.

Next thing I knew I was lying on the floor with my eyes shut and it felt like God had a pair of bellows and was inflating my lungs. In seconds they became wider and fuller, I could inhale deep breaths. Eventually I came up to standing and have been able to do aerobics, swim miles and walk without being out of breath. (baring in mind I never shut up)

I have an amazing lung capacity and I will swear to my dying day that God performed a miracle.

Mary was going about her daily business and she heard God and believed him when he said – you are with child. She was a virgin and 9 months later Jesus was born.


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