Needing more OFFICE GOSSIP #tangygiggles


I have dedicated Office Gossip to the old man on the bench, who shared his dark life story, over and over. I promised him that I would learn to write so his story wouldn’t die with him.

Today, our pooled histories are making front page news as footballers talk about childhood sexual abuse and the Child Support Agency creates a new image by renaming itself the Child Maintenance Service.  All these criminal acts have left generations of people living lives in traumatic states.

Ok, we can all put a brave face on every day, but we all know that abuse lasts for a lifetime, whether it is sexual, physical or administrative.  It causes helplessness inside a person’s psyche which automatically has a knocks on effect on their physical health and emotional, spiritual, financial, familial and relational well beings.

As Freud said, ‘We are all but mind.’

Male sexual abuse has always been a deep unspoken topic in the UK. But December 2016, brought new moral shock headlines to separate the boys from the men.

Men cry – Boy’s don’t!  I state.

Up until last week it’s always been a woman’s thing, a thing that males have done to females.  On average it takes thirty years to come to terms with and regain the confidence to prosecute.  However in this technological society, people bury themselves inside their phones and laptops to deny their reality.  Statistics link sexual promiscuity with sexual abuse, also a high rise in youth suicides.  We don’t even need to read a newspaper to know how short the jail sentences are, that are given by our courts.

Just like the apathetic world of maintenance betrayal, it can go on for a lifetime, here in Office Gossip some people manipulatively put the two factors together to seek inner peace. Sounds bizarre, but take a look at Office Gossip and see these two worlds crash quicker than an asteroid hitting the earth.

I’ve heard jokes this week where men have stated that £50.000 hush money a week is quite a good income, however look how much damage it does in the bigger picture.  Can I dare state that it would be better with a stranger than a parent.  I don’t know, but you can form your own conclusion after you have read Office Gossip.

We don’t have to give these monsters the power to rule over our life lives. Speak up even if it makes you the office gossip.  You need setting free and they need locking up.  The only people who get pleasure out of exploiting others are twisted minded sickos who think they are bigger than the law.  Tut tut tut!

Don’t carry the weight of someone else’s burden.  If you’ve been strong enough to carry it for years so far, think how strong a person you are.  You have the strength to carry on and be set free.

So click on this link below, have a giggle and a read as well as giving money to active abuse charities working with to empower abuse victims.

50% of my royalties will go to S.o.S.A.A .


Slut Detox

Slapdash Queen

Office Gossip coming Summer 2017


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