Slapdash Queen – available today on Kindle #tangygiggles

SLAPDASH QUEEN available at ….kindle-book-cover-january-2017


‘I laughed so much it hurt. Cleverly written.’ J. Rowning.

‘Yet again, unforgettable.’ P. Peters.

Better watch out boys, you may get more than you bargained for!

After a cancer scare, dull, dank, single-parent Jasmine, decides to live life as sensually as possible.

First, she dumps her regimental black for stilettos and a paints her lips ruby red. Secondly, she leaves her adult sons and jet off to the Mediterranean. However, it is only when she returns home and listens in on their whispered conversation, she realizes she may have left a bit of a red hot trail.

Dare you join in their investigation?

50% of all royalties will go to Marie Curie.

Other books by A. Anderson, Office Gossip, Slut Gossip and Big Bad Me is coming soon.


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