Designer Vagina #tangygiggles

Designer Vagina’s are taking women’s souls hostage.  Not only can women be operated on, but we’re being peer pressured into believing that a harsh vaginal- workout is essential.  Remember Ann Summers and her magic eggs.  Well, now you can buy them with weights on and I bet they don’t even burn off one calorie. 


Gone are the days when jewellery was worn to show off our assets. Now we have to be ‘in the picture’, rather than looking at it.  Look at us all, we are becoming clones of each other, with our designer eyebrows, Brazilian fronts – not to mention – rears; boob jobs, tummy tucks, tattoo’s on – tattoo’s off; then liposuction, lip sculpting, face and hair lifts.  Not forgetting veneers and teeth whitening.  Then there is stick on eyelashes and waxing off of feminine faces.

What the hell are they going to think of next for women to tear themselves apart over and compete against each other; because that is what this is all about?  Men don’t do it.  It’s not in their reasoning or conditioning.

Allow me gals to let you into a secret; the closer he gets to those dampened pheromones the further he gets away from stereotypical images.  He’s not even looking; however if you are still questioning whether you are looking the part.  Let me tell you  —–There is no part to be played.

Love, sex, relationship is all about being at one with another.  You may see your flaws but men work on tunnel vision and your flaws are what makes you – you.   Remember when you first met and you were magnificent.  Well, guess what, you still are. 


I wonder if they sell penis weights anywhere.


I am a satirical author and have written three novels which I am now releasing into the big wide world. Slut Detox is my first and it is free on this blog page.  Slap Dash Queen is coming soon, then Office Gossip.  I am now in the process of writing – Big Bad Me.  These are all powerful novels with an edge of Self Development lessons, running through their veins.

  Check out my website for details. I would love to have some feedback, please leave a like or a comment.


Slut Detox the novel is available at


Slapdash Queen is available at


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