Gonna Get Laid Tonight #tangygiggles






Come on Girls, admit it!


When we wake up in the morning, we know we are going to get laid later that night.  We may not know who by, but you do know, you will.  We don’t know how it’s going to happen but the next morning we know it has.  In hindsight, when our moral judge preaches in our ear, we blame him or the booze, but hardly ever ourselves.

If a lady woke up in the morning and thought, I would like to have sex tonight, where would she begin?  Ok, condoms.  She wouldn’t blur the experience with alcohol or drugs. He’d have to be clean, evocative and worthy.  She’d work out what to wear, she’d understand the financial exchanges that were to take place, and emotionally prepare herself for her the following days, self-analysis.

It’s not rocket science, it about taking control over your own life.  We all take advantage of situations whether we are male or female.  We all have fickle natures. We should make promises to ourselves that we can let ourselves go, as far as we can trust our self; and if we go a bit further be strong enough to know that we can pull ourselves back too.


Start your next day off right.

Manage your life rather than it manage you.


Ok, I will wear this, I will pay for that, I will entice him like this, and I will lie underneath him because I trust this man to value me.


I am a satirical author and have written three novels which I am now releasing into the big wide world. Slut Detox is my first and it is free on this blog page.  Slap Dash Queen is coming soon, then Office Gossip.  I am now in the process of writing – Big Bad Me.   These are all powerful novels with an edge of Self Development lessons, running through their veins.

Check out my website for details. I would love to have some feedback, please leave a like or a comment.






Slut Detox the novel is available at amazon.co.uk


Slapdash Queen is available at amazon.co.uk


Office Gossip is coming summer 2017





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