About Annie Anderson the Author


I am the author of Slut Detox, Slap Dash Queen, Office Gossip and Big Bad Me. I would class my genre at Satire.

Slut Detox and Slap Dash Queen were published a year ago under a different title but some low-down crooked bastard, stole them and gave them away free, so I re-titled them and have re-released Slut Detox under a different title.

I have had a checkered past where I have had several careers.  Currently I am working as a teachers assistants in a SEN school, and I love it.  My qualifications are in counselling, administration and teaching.  I am still a cheeky Northern lass and have two adult sons. I drove into Bournemouth thirty years ago and decided there and then that I was going to live there forever even though I love to travel and meet new people.

Throughout my life I have learnt the hard way, ultimately, I have been through child abuse, divorce, lone parenting and have re-build myself from the inside out to be who I should have been in the first place.  I have no fears of being alone. People love me where ever I go and I gladly state, I am the happiest now, that I have ever been in my life.  I want to use my lessons to help empower you.  Like Robbie Williams, I want everyone to sing out loud.



I believe we only get one stab at this life so let’s enjoy it together.